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"Your team consistently goes above and beyond our expectations and everything we've worked on with you has been a complete success. You're absolutely invaluable to our organisation, and we look forward to continuing to work with you as strategic partners in the years to come."
Janet Phiri
Manager Director
"I just want to say thank you for your fast, informed and on-time delivery while still maintaining a competitive mindset. I can always reach your team, be it on phone, via zoom or whatsapp message, whoever responds is always happy to help."
"This is exactly why we rely on—and will continue to rely on—your team for your extensive expertise, your exceptional reliability, and your crystal clear communication channels."
Dalitso Zulu
"Mobicom has an incredible gift for making the complex appear simple and without being simplistic. They are pleasure to work with and always delivers to an exceptionally high standard. He consults impeccably to understand organisational needs and then brings innovative business relevant ideas and solutions to the table. They will challenge your thinking, provide you with alternative perspectives and, where appropriate, actively coach/mentor/advise you to generate and co-create solutions. They are an excellent facilitator with the ability to manage multiple perspectives and effortlessly guide the team to consensus.”
Misozi Musonda
Head Designer
“Mobicom has been and invaluable resource, providing a unique approach, support and direction for many of our projects. I believe Mobicom’s strength has been the ability to make complex projects simple, immersing themselves into our ways of working and providing solutions that meet both our needs and support the company’s long-term goals. On a personal level, Mobicom has helped us to challenge our ways of thinking and as a result shaping how we manage our current role while helping us understand which direction we want for our company. ”
Miyanda Tembo
Creative Director
“Mobicom’s workshop is a very precious and important turning point for me. It affected my perspective towards the fashion industry as a soon-to-be-graduate student. Growing up I have always found the confidence in expressing thoughts and connecting with people a challenging task for me. Despite my desire to build closer relationships with other people, I often get trapped in my shyness and timid worries of avoiding making gestures/remarks that could cause any potential discontent. Mobicom’s workshop was an amazing ice-breaker opportunity for me to let my class know more about me without myself feeling isolated by my assumptions. This opportunity has allowed me to get in touch with my creativity in a very different way. ”
Mwape Mwale
Airtel Agent
“Mobicom’s unique skills are bringing novel, creative thinking to the challenge they are given. They are both persuasive and inclusive with a new approach that seamlessly adapts to different, often opposing styles and come out with results that bring everyone involved on to the same point. The results have spoken themselves. Mobicom comes highly recommended. ”
Natasha Lungu
Human Resources Director
“Mobicom team brought a unique combination of skills to our business assignment and was often sought out to tackle the most complex and integrated challenges. As a strategic thinker, consultant and finance expert, as well as personal development professional and highly- qualified coach, they were ideally placed to tackle inter-related issues. ”
Lungowe Sakala
Finance Director
“Mobicom is a pleasure to work with. It is great to work with them as they understand precisely the role of a creative director and how the finance business operates. Mobicom genuinely brings something different and is willing not only to deliver innovative and high-quality solutions for my role inside the company but also challenge my current thinking and creativity. ”
Chimuka Daka
Globlal Innovation Manager
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