Work Services

BTL Management

We work hand in hand to support organisational trade marketing activities and the trade in general, in the management of below the line advertising, promotion, advocacy & communication of new and existing products. We are able to manage short term to long term cycle activities based on client needs.

Resource Management

We manage trade marketing activities through brand ambassadors and merchandisers. We have developed a comprehensive internal pre-market training for all teams going out to trade which incorporates all aspects of market management.

Strategic Marketing Advice

We advise clients on various market based activities including product management, brand management and trade marketing management through strategic plans and proposals developed in synergy with the client.

Market Data E-Reporting

We are able to configure manual reporting frameworks into e-reporting templates to enable organisations work efficiently and effectively and ensure real-time reporting of trade activities and challenges

Channel & Category Management

We are very well versed with the different generic channels that are in the market today. We perform outlet universe category management for fast-moving consumer goods products in different stock-keeping units.

Distribution Management

We design, conceptualize, plan, execute, maintain and review route to market distribution for organisations. We are adept with mapping, outlet universe classification, route planning, dealer distribution appraisals and reviews.